Keep your pool pristine with our swimming pool cleaning services

When we think of swimming pools we imagine crystal clear water and glistening tiles, yet swimming pools require regular cleaning and maintenance to retain their clean and inviting aesthetics.

Swimming pool water could pose a health hazard if not regularly pumped and treated to ensure a correct PH balance, and the pool lining must be kept free from debris and algae.

Why choose us?

At Crosdil Leisure we offer a range of swimming pool cleaning services tailored to our client’s needs. As well as stocking an ample range of swimming pool cleaning supplies, we employ experienced technicians and cleaners who can detect any potential problems and ensure that your pool’s water is kept at optimal quality.

Whether you have been regularly maintaining your pool yourself but would prefer to leave it in the hands of a swimming pool cleaning company, or your pool has been somewhat neglected and you would like a professional pool cleaning service to restore it to its former glory, Crosdil Leisure’s team of technicians and cleaners can put the sparkle back in your pool.

If you would like to learn more about Crosdil Leisure’s swimming pool cleaning services, get in touch today on 01798 875275.

Cleaning Products

Please check with the Showroom for your pool cleaning product requirements. We keep a large stock in the showroom of popular cleaning and pool maintenance products.

Water Testing and efficiency

Please check with the Showroom for your PH testing kit. We stock all popular PH Testing kits.

Filter Sand

Please check with the Showroom on stock levels. We stock 16/30 Filter Media sand.

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