Modern Collection Spas

At Crosdil Leisure we understand that our clients do not want to compromise on aesthetics when choosing a spa to complement the modern design of their homes. Our Modern Collection Spas have been designed to fit perfectly into modern designer settings, adding a sleek touch of luxury to their surroundings. The clean lines and progressive design of our Modern Collection swim spa installations are accentuated by subtle backlighting, positioned behind the moulded pillows around the perimeter of the spas under the shell lip, providing a warm and inviting environment in which to sit back and relax.
Our Modern Collection swim spa installations include a variety of highly desirable functions along with their exquisite design. Their trademark Hybrid Heating™ system provides responsive temperature control whilst allowing you to save energy.

If you would like more information on Modern Collection swim spa installations or any of our range, get in touch with Crosdil Leisure today. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be happy to answer any questions you may have and can advise on the maintenance of your Modern Collection spa too. Call us now on 01798 875275 to speak to a member of our team for an installation and delivery quote.

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