Spa Joy


joy banner signature mediumDeep and wide bucket seats are the trademark feature of the Joy Spa. Each of the carefully designed seats in the Spa Joy is packed with a different massage jet configuration to deliver an invigorating personal massage. The Spa Joy seven-seater spa has been designed to offer a variety of massages for a complete relaxation experience. The Passion Spa Joy comes with a variation of standard and bucket seating to accommodate up to seven people and includes a Starbrite Interior Led Light System to adjust the mood of your spa. The Spa Joy also includes the trademark Aqua Rolling Massage™ system, as well as the fully programmable control system found on all Passion Spas.


• Dimensions: 225 x 225 x 91 cm
• Number of Seats: 7
• Total massage Jets: 70
• Skimmer Bar
• Aqua Rolling Massage™
• Soft Air Massage System
• Starbrite Interior Led Light System
• Audio System with IPOD Docking Station
• Wi-Fi Ready• Hybrid Heating™
• Bio-Lok
• Synergy Water Maintenance System
• Energy Efficient Filtration Pump
• Capacity: 1550 L
• Dry Weight: 420 KG