Spa Pleasure


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Our Signature Spa Pleasure

The Pleasure Spa was built so that you can enjoy its luxury features for a lifetime. This 4 seater, extravagant spa was designed with exceptional attention to detail to enhance your spa experience and make it truly pleasurable. Improved reclining capabilities, extra lumbar support, and updated massage functions all combine to make this fully-featured model the ultimate choice for personal therapy. Our innovative Aqua Rolling Massage™ is a great example. When on full power, it generates an intense massage stream that works its way up from the lower back all the way up to the base of the neck. The intensity of this massage feature is adjustable, with something to suit every person’s needs. Standard features include soft air massage, StarBrite LED lighting, and an Aromatherapy System.
All of our Signature Series Spas come with an MP3 system complete with integral speakers mounted in the spa shell. Take great pleasure in listening to your favourite music while relaxing in the ultimate Pleasure Spa at any time of day. It isn’t surprising that the Pleasure Spa has earned the distinction of being one of our most popular models.
Our luxury spas are both aesthetically pleasing and retain their high-quality features for years to come, so you can get enjoyment out of them for life. To learn more about our Pleasure Spa, give our friendly team a call today on 01798 875275.


• Dimensions: 215 x 200 x 91 cm
• Number of Seats: 4
• Number of Loungers: 1
• Total Massage Jets: 56
• Skimmer Bar
• Aqua Rolling Massage™
• Soft Air Massage System
• Starbrite Interior Led Light System
• Audio System with Bluetooth
• Wi-Fi Ready
• Hybrid Heating™
• Bio-Lok
• Synergy Water Maintenance
• Energy Efficient Filtration Pump
• Capacity: 1270 L
• Dry Weight: 320 KG